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History and Mission

The Mindlin Foundation was founded in 1988, at the death of the donor, Eugene S. Mindlin. Mr. Mindlin was one of three brothers born to immigrant parents in the early years of the 20th Century. All the Mindlin brothers were highly successful in their chosen fields, Eugene as an engineer and businessman; Raymond as a scientist and professor at Columbia University, and Rowland as a physician and public health administrator.

All benefited from the fine educations that they received. All made significant contributions to the WWII war effort. All understood the need for individuals to give back to this country some of the wealth and enthusiasm that engendered their own success, making educational opportunities and scientific advances possible for succeeding generations.

To this end, The Mindlin Foundation has supported various educational institutions with lectureships, scholarships, prizes, grants, and hardware to improve the access to and quality of the education offered. We have enjoyed supporting creative educational enterprises and opportunities in science and engineering, and continue to solicit proposals from researchers and educators who challenge the of boundaries of knowledge and innovation.

The Mindlin Foundation is committed to broad diversity in education, employment, and funding in academia. We strongly encourage applications from members of under-represented groups in education and academia, and for projects that serve them.