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One Tweet, One Percent


The 1% Microgrant is intended to support 1% of a single investigator’s salary for a single year, approximately 20-30 hours, or an equivalent dollar amount to cover materials and other expenses for a project of roughly that duration. There are no hard restrictions on proposed use of the time (see Spirit Clause). Creative proposals aimed at supporting research, education, outreach, or professional development in STEM disciplines (including social and behavioral sciences, or interdisciplinary humanities/STEM projects) will be considered.

Spirit Clause:

This award is intended to provide protected time or resources for a small side project that would otherwise not be possible for an active scientist/educator. Ideally it will be self-contained and not a supplement to a large funded or ongoing project. Examples include but are not limited to: course development, an exploratory field trip, a single experiment, professional development (learning or teaching), outreach activity or materials, or a special student session.

Budget and Number of Awards:

The award will cover 1% of an investigator’s effort, up to 30% fringe, and their institution’s negotiated rate for federal indirect (facilities and administration) charges. Salary awards are made at the National Institute of Health’s maximum (2018 rate: $189,600). Total award shall not in any case exceed $4,000. The award need not be spent on salary, so long as the PI’s institution is willing to commit at least 1% protected time to the project. The award may be spent at the PI’s discretion in such cases, according to their institutional rules and requirements for grant funds.

The number of awards will be determined in part by the number of meritorious applications, but shall not exceed five for the fall 2018 cycle. Please note that any student trainee commitment to this project must be compensated with either dollars or course credit. No volunteer student labor is acceptable. Payment may be, but need not be paid from the #1Tweet1P grant. If the PI has other available funds for such labor, this should be described in the budget justification.


This funding opportunity is open to any individual employed at a US-based tax-exempt institution of higher learning (colleges, universities, institutes, medical schools, or professional societies) who is permitted by their institution to apply for grants as a principal investigator, and who has not been the PI/faculty mentor/award recipient of a Mindlin Foundation grant in the past. Investigators in any discipline are eligible to apply, but the project should contribute to research, outreach, education, and/or professional development in STEM disciplines, interdisciplinary STEM-humanities projects, and social and behavioral sciences.

Application Requirements:

Pre-applications must be made via Twitter. At approximately 7 am PST on 7 September 2018, @MindlinFndtn will post an announcement tweet. Proposals should be a single reply to that tweet. The tweet should contain a brief description of the proposal and the hashtag #1Tweet1P. Be CREATIVE! @MindlinFndtn will tweet again on the morning of 8 September 2018 at least 24 hours after the opening tweet announcing closure of the pre-application period.

Tweets received outside the designated time frame will not be considered. Only one tweet per proposal and one proposal per investigator will be considered. Tweets will only be considered from accounts with profiles including a real name and a verifiable link to an eligible institution’s webpage identifying them as an employee (e.g., a lab website or research page). While there are no restrictions on tweet content or structure, links to media such as videos or images with large amounts of text will not be reviewed.

Up to five applicant tweets will be selected to have their authors submit short full proposals. Applicants must either follow @MindlinFndtn or accept open direct messages to be informed in the event they are selected for a full proposal. A full proposal shall consist of a single page, not exceeding 500 words, describing the proposed activity, justifying its expected time commitment, educational or academic impact, and total requested budget. All full proposals must include the tax-exempt identification number of the institution to receive the award. Combine this one-page proposal with a current CV and a letter of support from your institution into a single PDF, and email it to by midnight PST on October 5th, 2018.