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Mindlin Science Communication Prize

The Mindlin Foundation wishes to encourage and support efforts on the part of researchers, particularly those building their careers, to communicate with the lay public via the Internet. This supports the public’s interest in being on the cutting edge of scientific research. Ideally, this inspires public interest and shares scientific advances with those who will, in turn, support universities and their efforts to push the frontiers of knowledge ever farther.


The Mindlin Foundation Science Communication Prize is to be awarded to the best nominated junior faculty internet web log (blog). Potential nominees will be those blog authors (bloggers) who are pre-tenure faculty at USA-based tax exempt institutions of higher education who write about their teaching and research in any field of science, mathematics, engineering, or medicine for a lay audience, without employing a pseudonym. The prize consists of $5,000 to be awarded to the institution of the blogger, for the support of winner’s academic and science communication activities.

Eligible Institutions:

USA-based tax exempt institutions of higher learning, research, and education.

Eligible Individuals:

Junior faculty bloggers who communicate their educational and/or scientific methods, practices, efforts, results, and aspirations via a publicly accessible blog. Faculty must be full-time and either pre-tenure or non-Tenure Track, and within 12 years of their terminal degree. Bloggers must write under their own names.

Institutional Support:

A letter of support and endorsement from the institution of the blogger’s communication activities and blogging effort will be significantly considered when reviewing nominations.


Prize funds will be remitted to the blogger’s institution, to be used in support of the blogger’s teaching, research, and communication activities. Restrictions on use of funds include:

(1) Prize funds may not support blogger salary.

(2) No indirect or facilities and administration charges may be deducted from prize funds.

(3) No other funds available to the blogger may be reduced or rescinded as a result of this award. This includes any start-up package, current or future grant funding, salary, or any previously committed institutional support.

(4) Prize funds shall be spent at the sole discretion of the blogger, subject to (1-3).

How to Nominate:

Self-nominations are encouraged. To nominate an eligible blogger for the Mindlin Foundation Science Communication Prize, please submit a CV/Biosketch of the blogger, a copy of an individual blog-post written and posted online prior to 1 August 2016, an active hyperlink to the post, a letter of nomination, and any letters of institutional support. Combine into a single .PDF file and include the legal name and tax-exempt ID number of the institution that would receive funds, and email to the administrator at prior to 12 November, 2016. The Prize will be awarded in December of 2016.

Spirit clause:

The spirit of this award is to reward excellence in blogging and science communication activities among junior faculty. This prize is meant to supplement rather than replace any funds currently available to or imminently received by the prize winner. It is meant to enable further science or science-communication activities, at the discretion of the prize winner. Institutions violating the spirit of this award may become ineligible for future Mindlin Foundation funding.