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Funding Opportunities

The Mindlin Foundation accepts applications for funding annually in the fall. All awards are made annually in December. Check back frequently for Program Announcements and Requests for Applications.

We currently have three open RFAs:

The Undergraduate Mentored Research Award

The Mindlin Science Communication Prize

The One Tweet, One Percent microgrant.

For specific finding opportunities, please refer to the instruction page associated with the Request for Application (RFA).

In addition to announced programs, the Mindlin Foundation will consider excellent unsolicited proposals with budgets up to $10,000. As with announced programs, unsolicited applications are accepted until the first Friday in November annually. To submit an unsolicited proposal, please contact the foundation administrator at with a project description of no more than 500 words.

Full applications will be requested for select inquiries.

For invited full applications, please include:

1. The legal name and tax exempt ID of the institution to receive funds.

2. An up-to three page precis of the project including specific aims, methods, and educational impact.

3. A budget and budget justification (of no more than one page) including no more than 10% Facilities and Administration (F&A) or other indirect funds.

4. A CV of the principal investigator or project director.

5. A letter from the applicant’s institution describing the institutional support. Preference will be given to applications with robust institutional partnership.

All documents should be combined in a single PDF and emailed to

All applications will be reviewed for merit, eligibility, budget, and alignment with Mindlin Foundation educational goals. Please understand that as a small foundation, our applications for funding are discussed, rather than externally reviewed. We do not provide written comments for accepted or rejected applications.